Welcome. Your host here, Jenna Cryan ( yes, like I’m crying ). Just over 24 years ago my life began on the sandy shores of Orange County in Southern California. After living and attending school in South Orange County all my life through high school graduation, I decided to attend university at University of California, Santa Barbara and moved north. This paradise Santa Barbara immediately became home. I’ve spent the last 5 years studying Computer Science. I recently completed my BS/MS at UCSB, in June, 2017. I currently work with Ben Zhao + Heather Zheng in the SAND lab, where a lot of brilliant scholars research topics related to networking, machine learning, data mining + social network analysis. Recently our lab moved to University of Chicago, where I now am a first year PhD candidate. My research focuses on human-computer interaction and data-driven analysis of user behavior. Although I miss the salty air and sunny skies of Santa Barbara, I look forward to experiencing my first real winter and all the new opportunities here.

Some things I love–

  • learning
  • traveling
  • reading
  • baking
  • outdoors
  • music ( ahh so much love for music ! )
  • some of the finer things in life..
    • good dinners
    • nice wine
    • of course fun, new technology :)